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Singapore Katong Laksa Recipes

Singapore Laksa Option 1


2 shallots 2 Candle nuts 3 cloves garlic turmeric 5 to 6 dried Chillies crushed peanuts 2 stalk lemon grass - bruised galangal tomatoes fish sauce fried bean curd (tao pok) - quartered bunch of Chinese mint leaves 1 packet fish balls chicken or fish stock salt to taste 1 can coconut milk 1 packet thick rice noodle (optional - udon noodles)

Soak rice noodle in hot water, boil briefly if necessary
Fry paste in oil and fry till fragrant Add stock, lemon grass, galangal and bring to boil
Add bean curd, fish balls, coconut milk and cook
Season with salt and fish sauce
Add tomatoes and cook a further few minutes
Put noodles in bowl, add sauce together with bean curd, fish balls (or chicken but not together) and chopped laksa leaves and serve hot


Singapore Laksa 2


Rice Vermicelli, scalded and drained
500 ml coconut milk
300g Medium Prawns
2 Fish Cakes, sliced
100g Bean Sprout, slightly blanched just before serving
10 pieces Tau Pok
100g Cockles (optional)
10 sprig Laksa Leaves aka Vietnamese Mint aka Daun Kesom
50g Dried Prawns, grind
150ml Oil
750ml Water
Salt and Rock Sugar to taste
Grind into paste:
1 whole Garlic
10 Shallots
1/2 tablespoon Turmeric aka Kunyit
1 tablespoon Galangal aka Lengkuas
4 Candlenuts aka Buah Keras
1 stalk Lemon Grass aks Serai
2 teaspoon Shrimp Paste aka Belachan
12 Dried Chillies, soaked to soften


Blanch prawns in 750ml of water till 90% cooked.
Remove shells and return them to the pot of stock.
Set prawns aside.
Add in Laksa Leaves and bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
Heat oil in wok.
Fry the paste for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Add in dried shrimp and continue frying the paste for another 5 minutes.
Pour the content to the pot of stock.
Bring to boil.
Gradually add in coconut milk.
Simmer till you see red oil surfacing.
Add salt and rock sugar to taste.
Add in the tau pok to cook for 2 minutes just before serving. This helps tau pok absorb Laksa gravy.
Put rice vermicelli in a bowl.
Top with tau pok, fish cakes, bean sprout and cockles.
Pour hot gravy over and serve immediately.
If you prefer your Laska to be spicy, add chilli paste to your bowl of Laksa.
Chop some Laksa Leaves for garnishing if you like.
For convenience, I used packed coconut. Fresh coconut milk extract will taste and smell better.


Singapore Laksa 3


Serves: 4Prep

20minsCooking: 5mins
2 x chicken breasts fillets1 tbs peanut oil125g (1/2 cup) homemade laksa paste (see recipe)2 x 280ml cans coconut milk750ml (3 cups) chicken stock400g medium green king prawns, peeledPinch of salt500g hokkien noodles (or noodles of your choice)100g bean sprouts2/3 loosely packed fresh Vietnamese mint leaves (garnish)2 tbs fried shallots (garnish)


Now I like to fry my chicken a little instead of poaching it. So it's really up to you how you do your chicken, but once it is done place it to one side …Once your chicken is cooked and put aside heat some oil in a wok over a medium-high heat. Add laksa paste and cook , stirring occasionally for about 2 mins or until you can really start to smell that real laksa fragrance, stir in coconut milk and stock and bring to boil, Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered for 5-10 mins… Add prawns and cook, stirring occasionally, for 2 minutes or until prawns start changing colour. Add chicken and cook, stirring for 2 minutes or until hot…..
As this is happening using the same heatproof bowl as before(providing its big enough) place your noodles and cover with boiling water, put aside for 2-5 mins to soften. Drain and serve out to bowls, throw in a few bean sprouts (and tofu if you choose) and then start serving out that laksa….. Add a some mint leaves, dried and fresh shallots and serve up…..Maybe a bit of chilli depending on your tastes and enjoy……….

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